Keno 10

Game Features

  • Combinations
  • Groups
  • Betting on Extra Markets
  • Bulk Bet Functionality
  • Rebet/x2 Rebet
  • Bet for Next Round Functionality
  • Hot and Cold Numbers
  • Auto Bet
  • Random Pick
  • Demo Mode
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-currency support

Game Description

Keno 10 Pro takes the excitement to a whole new level with advanced features and unparalleled control.

Unleash your inner Keno strategist. Take advantage of "Combinations" and "Groups" to create multiple betting strategies. Craft a range of combinations, categorize them by themes, and switch between them effortlessly. Tailor your approach and experiment with different betting methods like never before.

Experience Bulk Bet on steroids! Not only can you place multiple bets at once, but you can also define the number of random numbers to include in each bet, giving you even more control over your gameplay.

The Autoplay feature in Keno 10 Pro offers even more customization. Set the number of rounds, the quantity of random numbers, and the number of tickets you want to place bets with for each round.

The game also offers advanced "Extra Markets," providing even more opportunities to test your Keno expertise. Predict specific number ranges (1-20, 21-40, etc.) or the sum of the drawn numbers (High/Low).

Keno 10 Pro is more than just a game, it's a Keno mastery platform. With its advanced features, you can refine your strategies, explore new betting approaches, and push your Keno experience to its full potential.




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