Keno 8

Game Features

  • Combinations
  • Groups
  • Betting on Extra Markets
  • Bulk Bet Functionality
  • Rebet/x2 Rebet
  • Bet for Next Round Functionality
  • Hot and Cold Numbers
  • Auto Bet
  • Random Pick
  • Demo Mode
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-currency support 

Game Description

Tired of the same old Keno routine? Keno 8 Pro throws open the doors to a Keno revolution, empowering you to take control of your destiny with features designed to excite and elevate your gameplay.

No more wasting precious time choosing numbers every round! Create custom "Combinations" to store your lucky picks or preferred patterns. Placing bets becomes lightning-fast, letting you jump right into the action.

Feeling lucky? Not feeling lucky?Keno 8 Pro caters to both! Don't have a strategy in mind? The Random Pickfeature injects some thrilling unpredictability by selecting numbers for you. Or, if you're a strategic player, maximize your chances of winning with the Bulk Betfunctionality. Place multiple bets at once, covering your bases and increasing your odds of success. Relax and win with "Autoplay." Plus, explore "Extra Markets," "Hot & Cold" trends, and more! Keno 8 Pro caters to all – refine your skills or simply enjoy the thrill!

Keno 8 Pro is a playground for both strategic players and casual Keno enthusiasts. Take control, refine your skills, or simply enjoy the thrill of the draw – the Keno revolution starts here!




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