Crazy Mummy

Game Features

  • Demo mode
  • Turbo mode
  • Autoplay
  • Bonus game
  • Bonus multiplier
  • Game history
  • Free spins
  • 4-Level Progressive Jackpot
  • Web and mobile responsiveness
  • All existing currencies
  • Ambience sound switcher
  • Sound effects switcher

Game Description

The 20-line slot game Crazy Mummy brings freshness and wondrous adventures to slot enthusiasts. The game is jammed with great-to-have features, like Wilds, Bonus Game, Jackpot, Multipliers, etc. It also has a Bonus reel that constantly rotates and distributes various wins.

Crazy Mummy is unique in its nature and exclusive features. It takes players on a historical journey to ancient Egypt, full of toms, mummies and sarcophagi. Here the sarcophagus brings not a curse, but good luck. And, a 4-level progressive Jackpot is provided upon request in order to draw players in strongly, adding an extra level of action to the game.

Operators, in turn, go on a trip towards a more powerful business with an added revenue share. Big wins and big gains are indeed promised.




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