Non Stop Match

Game Features

  • Provable fairness calculator
  • Supported by more than 18 languages and currencies
  • Game result checking possibility
  • Football game results prediction for free
  • An unlimited count of players who can join every single round
  • The min bet amount is very little compared to our competitors
  • Cashback Feature

Game Description

Non-Stop Match is a football-based card game. The game is taking place on the football field. On the basis of the game logic is a comparison between 2 boxes - Home and Away. The users will place bets on Home or Away boxes and try to predict which side will win having a higher value card. The users also can place bets on the Draw box, which means that bet will win if the points of Home and Away boxes are equal to each other.  In this game 8 decks will be used, each deck contains 52 cards, and there is a cutting card among them. By playing a Non-stop match the game user will be able to predict the outcomes of world cup matches and get up to 35% cashback, there is no fee for prediction, it's totally free, and any user can join the prediction, even if there are no bets in user history. Every day the user will see the football matches which will take place on that day, and will choose the outcome of each match.




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